The Rise and Rise of NIS Ltd

An Empire Defined

An empire is a geographically extensive group of states and peoples united and ruled by a central authority.  Empires originated as different types of states, although they commonly began as powerful monarchies. The Athenian Empire, the Roman Empire, and the British Empire developed under elective auspices. The Empire of Brazil declared itself an empire after separating from the Portuguese Empire in 1822. France has twice transitioned from being called the French Republic to being called the French Empire, while France remained an overseas empire.

Many empires were the result of military conquest, incorporating the vanquished states into its political union. A state could establish imperial hegemony in other ways. A weak state may seek annexation into the empire. An example is the bequest of Pergamon to the Roman Empire by Attalus III.

NIS Ltd did it a different way!


Network Installation Solutions Ltd is a family ran business, founded in 1999 and managed by three company directors.  Its Head Office is located in the North West Lancashire town of Skelmersdale with easy access to the rest of the UK via the M58 and M6 motorway links.

The company was formed from a humble and honest background in which dedication, hard work and a desire to provide the very best quality was the backbone of the directors working ethos.

It was such dedication that caught the eye of Virgin Media when, as simple employees for another cabling firm, it noted the quality of individual workmanship was exemplary and suggested that it would be interested in opening a direct partnership should a new business be set up.  A new era began.

The Early Years

Embracing the new opportunity with open arms, the three directors embarked upon an ambitious adventure, daring to defy the existing North West monopoly.  The ability to ‘punch above their weight’ was visible from the offset, with a cost effective yet high quality service not only on offer but proven on a day to day basis.  Whilst still running the company from a back bedroom, Its customer base and reputation grew.  A small pool of engineers were employed to meet the ever growing demands of its customers yet its directors micro-managed every element of every project from inception through to completion, their desire to maintain quality was at times ruthless.

Throughout its early years NIS retained its Virgin Media contract and formed strong links with both Wigan Borough Council and the University of Chester.  These three core customers were the bread and butter of the business and are still as important to the company as ever.

Going National

After 5 years of business the company made a major breakthrough, securing a nationwide framework agreement contract with the now Telefonica O2 Plc, working upon both its Data Centre infrastructure and Office locations spanning from Glasgow in Scotland to a number of sites within and around London.  It was a major coup for the company and a key moment in the company’s expansion.  NIS had already carried out ad-hoc project works all over the country but never had a stable and continuous presence.  The new O2 contract gave the company such an opportunity and 10 years later still have a permanent presence in the South.  Other framework contracts soon followed with the acquisitions of both Knowsley Borough Council and Lancashire County Council.

Approaching 10 years in operation, NIS Ltd and its directors had successfully set up a profitable, self-sustaining and successful company with a solid core of return business and long term and valuable employees.

Quality Enforcers

From day one, NIS Ltd’s mission statement had always been to deliver the absolute very best quality in every aspect of its company operations at all times.  To ensure this, it was absolutely vital to employ engineering and administrative staff which believe in the same business model.  With so many companies on the market which did not (and still don’t) share the same philosophy, NIS found it difficult to acquire the right experienced personnel from its rival firms.  The directors swiftly adopted a method of employing young inexperienced trainee’s and moulding them into the type of engineer befitting of the companies exceptionally high standards.

All NIS Ltd employees are embedded in the local community with the furthest located employee only 25 miles from the Head Office, as such all staff develop an affinity with the community spirit and to help NIS Ltd progress as a company for the greater benefit of the local area.

As an organisation NIS Ltd encourage and support all types of operatives and staff training, this follows on and compliments with the provision of work experience for schools and higher education establishments.

NIS Ltd have a continuous policy to employ and train local apprentices for both office and field staff.  NIS Ltd are dedicated to providing local youths with the opportunity to gain vital knowledge and experience of the working environment. NIS Ltd have fully utilised this process since its inception, with many of its senior engineers having worked for NIS Ltd since apprentice level.

Speaking of the apprentice scheme Managing Director Ben Wainwright said “NIS fully understand our duty to provide opportunities as well as seeing the benefits first hand of employing and training young people, and I look forward to watching our latest engineers progress over the coming months and years”

The Making of an Empire

By 2011 NIS Ltd had the cabling world at its feet.  Bold and fearless, the company would not flinch when going against any of its cabling rivals.  It had a strong and stable customer base, backed up by dedicated personnel, and a business cost model which was proven to work time and time again.  It was time to take the business to another level.

NIS Ltd were proud of the fact it never had to chase business, with such a strong backbone it had enough business demand to self-sustain.  It had however realised the potential for growth by actively searching for new opportunities.  A strategic business development plan had been identified and implemented, with the search for public sector framework agreements at the top of the chain.  Its newly formed Procurement team, mere infants in terms of tendering set about the task of identifying and bidding for public sector works.

Simultaneously the company had also identified that it needed to raise its public profile.  Whilst all at NIS knew outright the quality it brings to the table, as does its existing customers, the company had done little to ‘sell itself’ to the outside world.  Over a period of time the company changed its logo, revamped its website and acquired new quality certification with the acquisition of both the ISO 9001:2008 Quality and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental certification through TUV.

The benefits of both attacks were clear, a new framework for Nottingham Trent University along with the renewals of both the University of Chester and Knowsley Borough Council (both as exclusive sole suppliers) heralded the start of a revolution.  Within the last 2 years alone the company has continued to add public sector framework agreement contracts to its customer base at a frantic pace, and its public sector base now boasts;

Wigan Council

Knowsley Borough Council

The University of Liverpool

Warrington Borough Council

Salford City Council

Teesside University

Nottingham Trent University

University College London

Southport & Ormskirk NHS Trust

Its ability to secure data cabling tender projects was relentless, regardless of its opposition.  In many of these success stories, NIS Ltd went toe to toe with some of the largest cabling entities in the country – and won!  It wasn’t just the mighty which fell to the sword, but cabling companies geographically based either in the same region or close to the successful site – most recently highlighted by its tender contract acquisition of the New England House fibre project on behalf of Brighton and Hove Council.

The Future

These are truly exciting and record breaking times for the company, with turnover and staffing numbers higher than ever known the company has already identified a number of further contracts throughout 2015 which are very much achievable and sustainable.  The growth in public sector contracts in key geographical regions have provided the foundation blocks for a large nationwide expansion.

To support its growth, the company has upgraded its vehicle fleet and spent in excess of £50,000 on new fibre-optic fusion splicing equipment and the latest DSX certification equipment.

Despite such an influx in work and resource, NIS Ltd’s directors have never waivered its dedication to quality and still treat a single data outlet in a school with as much care as a 2000+ outlet Data Centre installation.  The ability to still micro-manage projects of all varieties is a management masterpiece and ensures all customers, new and old, receive the very best service at all times.

There Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – An Update

Since initial publication of the ‘Rise and Rise’ Blog, NIS Limited are pleased to report that they went on to win all identified contracts throughout 2015 and have, thus far, in 2016 gone on to better that success already. It is safe to say that NIS Limited are growing as a company faster than ever before!

To keep abreast of the very latest success stories, be sure to keep both eyes on the websites Latest News pages.

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