The Total Package

Network infrastructures are in a constant state of evolution, new technologies provides a continuous need for upgrades to existing infrastructure such as the installation of CAT6 / CAT6A network cabling to a School or Office environment.  This type of installation requirement provides the bread and butter for many data installation companies.

Further to this, we have found a significant rise in the need for third party end user equipment to run over the data network, i.e.

  • VOIP
  • CCTV
  • Door Access
  • Wifi
  • Audio Visual
  • BMS Systems
  • Environmental Control Systems

This form of technological evolution has opened up interesting changes within the cabling industry and started a cabling ‘free for all’ with both position and negative impacts.

We quickly found that many third party installers, particularly on the CCTV side, figured it would be more beneficial to the customer if they themselves installed the data cabling along with their third party equipment as a package.  Whilst this has natural potential benefits to the customer in terms of labour costs, it does open a range of problems such as warranty validity, the use of qualified installation engineers, installation standards.  There is also the issue of ‘hidden costs’ … whilst an installer may boast of the labour savings it is highly unlikely that cost savings can be applied overall as installers would struggle to achieve the same price levels for materials from distributors as any mainstream data installation company would achieve.

This scramble for cabling supremacy did however open the door of opportunity both ways and posed the question “can a data cabling company install audio visual equipment, can they install and configure wireless access equipment?”  This was a question NIS Ltd asked of itself.  The answer was yes, but again it highlighted the same problems, such as the use of qualified installers and material price support.  We have always prided ourselves on providing the absolute highest quality of installation standards and the same had to be applied to the installation of “third party equipment”.

NIS Ltd have since invested a significant amount of time and money in expanding the scope of its business operations and to branch out into new technological fields.  Now, utilising our in house pool of fully trained engineers, NIS Ltd are fully capable of undertaking any audio visual or wireless installation and configuration.

Audio Visual Installations

NIS Ltd have partnered with a number of audio visual specialist providers, are fully trained and have excellent pricing structures in place allowing us to compete very aggressively in the market directly against mainstream audio visual installers.  NIS Ltd are now undertaking audio visual installation projects nationwide in both School and Business environments.

Wireless Installations

NIS Ltd have again partnered with several wireless manufacturers and have built a very rapid but particularly strong relationship with Ruckus Wireless Solutions.  As a Big Dog partner, NIS Ltd have gained access to some of the best training opportunities in the industry as well as strong price support, proven by our recent wireless success stories.


Another added benefit service NIS Ltd have started to utilise to great effect is the use of its engineering resource to deploy IT equipment following installation projects.  This service has been used many times by both Tribune Business Systems and Northgate Managed Services in particular following the completion of a number of Academy sites across the North of England.  In each case projects have included the deployment of over 1000 items per site.  Deployment services also include;

  • receiving of goods
  • unboxing
  • waste disposal
  • deployment
  • patching
  • asset tagging
  • imaging

The Total Package

The branching out of different installations has opened a new concept to the company which I like to call “the total package”.  Adding to the bread and butter cabling services, NIS Ltd are now able to install virtually any type of third party equipment – offering both supply and installation or supply only services.  With NIS Ltd’s superior pricing support, we fully believe our package offer will prove to be a greater financial benefit to the end user.

Furthermore, NIS Ltd’s total package concept offers something many consider far more important than cost; Quality.  NIS Ltd have built its reputation on providing the highest quality of installation standards, never wavering, be it a 2000+ point data centre installation or a single point in a School.  This ethos has been transferred to our additional added services.

In summary, if you are a customer reading this blog and need the total package, or indeed even just a single component, please our dedicated team a call to receive the best possible service at the most competitive price.

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