November Blog

Hi to all followers of our recently formed Twitter and Facebook page and newly formed website.  During the Summer months NIS Ltd’s engineering resources were stretched to the limit working with 2 of its new prestigious customer’s on School deployment duties.  These projects ran very well and our help in providing deployment services meant that all project delivery timescales were met on time and within budget, this has lead to our partnership with these clients continuing and a very strong working relationship forged.

NIS Ltd  are to start a new OM4 fibre install this week for another of our customers Virgin Media, the fibre has been sourced from Tyco and all within NIS Ltd are very excited at the possibilities of how this fibre will perform, our distributor Pronet is about to make the cuts as I write (please get the lengths correct Mike!) and the engineers performing the project are to be briefed on the importance of the project imminently …. I would also like to thank the guys within Splice UK for their help in selecting a fibre they are comfortable with splicing to their trays and pigtails.

On a side note, I would just like to let you know my observations on the state of the data cabling market as it is at the moment, I feel that as always the Summer months and indeed from April when the new budgets are released by Local Government, Schools etc have been extremely busy with what I feel was an ample amount of work / projects for most, if not all, of the major companies operating within our sector leading to questions being asked within our Office on the actual truth of the economic downturn.  Enquiries and orders have admittedly slowed down in the last couple of weeks but I feel that is down to the historic pre and post Christmas lull that we always seem to feel in this industry at this time of year.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading the first of NIS Ltd’s blogs, we will have a new blog to forward to you in December.

David Wainwright

Company Director

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