National Service, Local Pricing

It is difficult to fully ascertain how many data cabling installers exist within the UK, however it would be fair to say for every town, borough and city you could multiply the number of installers significantly.

Of course, the vast majority of which generally considered to be small in size and are often referred to as ‘one-man bands’ predominantly servicing their own local, geographical region. Further on there is a significant number of mid-sized installers capable of pulling contract works on a national level before looking at the elite, international installers. These figures don’t even take into consideration the number of electrical, security systems and audio visual companies who feel they qualify to work in our field!!

The net result ensures that competition for work is fierce and in many cases quality is forgotten and cost is the only determining factor. This was most noticeable during and for some time after the credit crunch (and subsequent recession). As a premier installer whose desire and professional upbringing demands the highest quality of installation works at all times, we are saddened that on so many occasions quality is ignored. Our philosophy has always been to provide outstanding installation services at what we believe to be a fair and reasonable cost knowing fully that our customers will be able to obtain a cheaper price elsewhere. Perhaps we have been lucky in that our core customers understand and appreciate the value of quality and have remained loyal to NIS Ltd and it’s pricing structure.

The tide has appeared to shift.

Many of our newest customer acquisitions sought new providers due in the main to dissatisfactory services delivered previously by their cheaper installers. In line with the UKs economic growth, the fastest growing in Europe, customers whose previous mind set was fixed upon cost are beginning to realise, what they received was a false economy, never receiving value for money. This change has allowed NIS Ltd to gain a number of key clients throughout the North West.

Not only are NIS Ltd smashing through the barriers of cost vs quality but also dismissing the myth that being local to a contract is a fundamental requirement to be able to provide a cost capable of securing the works. For the past 6 months NIS Ltd have witnessed awe-inspiring growth in it’s website visiting traffic. Born out of this growth has been an unexpected but very much welcomed increase in new customer work requests. What has been the most interesting of these new opportunities is the geographical areas in which most of these enquiries are appearing. For example:

  • a request to install multiple fibres at sites in North Yorkshire and Scotland
  • numerous requests for data cabling installs within London
  • We were even asked to install a single data outlet to a reception desk at a gym in Southend!

Whilst we appreciate the opportunities and more than capable of carrying out such works, we must ask the question; why? Why did these customers believe approaching a contractor so far from their based project could yield a cost effective solution, particularly when the opportunity to utilise local contractors was surely available? The answer, we believe, is relatively simple. We have been quite clear and vocal in highlighting the works we have undertaken already on a national level, providing an exceptional service at a reasonable price. Our potential new customers have identified and have bought into NIS Ltd as a potential key supplier.

Many of these new opportunities have since developed into authentic works and were each secured despite direct competition from a number of rival suppliers; all of which were either within the area of works or certainly closer than NIS Ltd. On every occasion in which works were secured we approached the quotation proposals utilising our standard, tried and tested pricing philosophy. NIS Ltd has now proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt that we can provide a national service with ‘local pricing’.

In summary our message is simple; NIS Ltd offer an unbeatable service at very competitive pricing no matter the locality.

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