The Rise and Rise of NIS Ltd

An Empire Defined

An empire is a geographically extensive group of states and peoples united and ruled by a central authority.  Empires originated as different types of states, although they commonly began as powerful monarchies. The Athenian Empire, the Roman Empire, and the British Empire developed under elective auspices. The Empire of Brazil declared itself an empire after separating from the Portuguese Empire in 1822. France has twice transitioned from being called the French Republic to being called the French Empire, while France remained an overseas empire. Continue reading

Problems with your AV Equipment?

NIS Ltd was founded in 1999 as a network cabling infrastructure installer.  Since inception the company has grown from strength to strength and swiftly moved from its heart within the North West of England to become a national supplier, providing infrastructure services to some of the largest telecommunication companies worldwide, including Virgin Media and Telefonica O2 Plc.  Continue reading